Workover & Cleaning

Workover & Cleaning

  • API 7-1 Rotating and No-rotating Casing Brusher

    API 7-1 Rotating and No-rotating Casing Brusher

    GS (I) Type Casing Brusher is one of the indispensable auxiliary tools for well completion, testing and downhole operation.

  • API 7-1 Rotating And No-Rotating Casing Scraper

    API 7-1 Rotating And No-Rotating Casing Scraper

    This tool is ideal for the removal of dirt which may be left over the inside walls of casing, suchas solid cement, hard wax, various salt crystals or deposits, perforation burrs, iron oxideresidues resulted from rusting, so as to make all down hole tools pass through unblocked.Especially when a small circular clearance is available between the down hole tools andcasing inside diameter, the complete scrapping becomes more necessary before furtherworking. At present in the large petroleum well scrapping in the internal wall of casing by useof casing scraper is a necessary step.

  • API 7-1 Rotating Type Drill String Fishing Magnet

    API 7-1 Rotating Type Drill String Fishing Magnet

    Drill String Fishing Magnet is one of the auxiliary tools to ensure the normal drilling operation and bottom hole cleaning in the process of downhole accident treatment. This product is that it works together with the grinding shoes in the fishing operation, which is different from the previous method of lifting the drill after milling, and then connecting the drill string with the strong magnetic fishing tool to go down the well for cleaning bottom hole , saving a trip down the well operation, which not only saves the drilling cost, but also saves the fishing operation time.

  • API Oilwell fishing tools and milling tools

    API Oilwell fishing tools and milling tools

    Series 150 Overshot LANDRILL 150 series releasing and circulating overshot is an external fishing tool for engage, pack off and retrieve tubular fish, especially for fishing drill collar and drill pipe. The grapple of the overshot can be designed for different sizes of fish, so one overshot can be dressed with different size of grapple components for fishing different sizes of fish. Construction Series 150 Overshot consists of three outside parts: Top Sub, Bowl, and Standard Guide. The Basic ...
  • API 7-1 Casing Section milling tool

    API 7-1 Casing Section milling tool

    Product profile Section mill is a kind of casing window opening tool which integrates casing cutting and milling functions. The section mill runs into the casing along with BHA, and cuts the casing at designated position first. After casing is completely cut off, It will be directly milled from this position. After reaching a certain depth, the casing window opening task is completed. section mill has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation to make it a very effective ca...
  • High-efficiency Downhole Milling Tools

    High-efficiency Downhole Milling Tools

    Milling tools are used to milling fish and other downhole objects, clean up casing wall (hole wall) debris or repair casing. The principle is to grind the fish into debris under the rotation and pressure of the drill string by tungsten carbide that is welded on the cutting part of the milling tool, and debris can be recycle back to the ground with drilling fluid.
    Most kinds of milling tools are common in structure, while according to different shapes of fish, corresponding cutting parts are needed. Commonly used cutting parts can be arranged in the interior, exterior and end of milling tools.
    After innovative design and technological accumulation in recent years, they have met the actual needs of customers from China and abroad by virtue of reliable performance. Besides the types and sizes listed in the following content, we also welcome to produce according to special designation that can satisfy the customer needs.