Well Completion

Well Completion

  • One-pass Combined Type Cement Retainer

    One-pass Combined Type Cement Retainer

    YCGZ-110 One-pass Combined Type Cement Retainer is mainly used for temporary and permanent plugging or secondary cementing of oil, gas and water layers. The cement slurry is squeezed into the annular space through the retainer and needs to be sealed. The cemented well section or the fractures and pores entering the formation are used to achieve the purpose of plugging and repairing leaks.

  • API 11D1 Mechanical retrievable  PACKER

    API 11D1 Mechanical retrievable PACKER

    The AS1-X & AS1-X-HP Mechanical Production Packer is a retrievable, double-grip compression or tension-set production packer, it can be left in tension, compression, or neutral position, and can hold pressure from above or below. A large internal bypass reduces the swabbing effect during run-in and retrieval, and closes when the packer is set.

  • API 11D1 Dissolvable Frac Plug for Hydraulic fracturing

    API 11D1 Dissolvable Frac Plug for Hydraulic fracturing

    We have the following advantages with our Dissolvable frac plugs:
    Completely Dissolvable: The plugs can dissolve completely in fluids.
    Both Metal and Rubber Materials are Water-soluble: Dissolvable frac plug is made of dissolvable materials, including both metal and rubber components, which means the entire plug can be dissolved.
    Controlled Dissolving Rates: The dissolving rate of the plug can be adjusted to meet different operational needs.
    Very Low Residue: After dissolution, the dissolvable frac plugs leave no residual debris or fragments, reducing the need for clean-up after operation.
    Full Range of Sizes Available: The plugs are available in various sizes and models, making it adaptable to different casing sizes and well depths.
    Suitable for 3.5”-5.5” Casing Grades: The plugs can be used for various casing grades with diameters ranging from 3.5 inches to 5.5 inches.
    Compatible with Different Water Mineralization Levels: The plugs are compatible with different water types and mineralization levels within well formations.
    Compatible with Formation Temperature Range of 25℃-170℃: The plugs can be used within well formations ranging in temperature from 25°C to 170°C.
    Offer Special Customization: While meeting basic requirements, the plugs can also be customized based on customer’s specific needs.