• Coupling


    Tubing coupling is a kind of drilling tool in oil field, which is mainly used for tubing connection. The tubing coupling mainly solves the problem of fatigue fracture of existingcoupling due to stress concentration.

  • API 5CT Blast Joint For Completion Pipe String

    API 5CT Blast Joint For Completion Pipe String

    The Blast Joint is a vital component in oil and gas operations, designed to provide protection to the tubing string and minimize the impact of external erosion from flowing fluids. It is constructed using high-quality steel with a hardness level ranging from 28 to 36 HRC according to NACE MR-0175.
    This ensures its durability and integrity under harsh conditions.

  • Adapter – special thread

    Adapter – special thread

    The company has advanced oil casing coupling processing technology and new product development capabilities; has senior professional and technical personnel and skilled workforce; has sophisticated production and processing equipment, inspection equipment and instruments, as well as a wealth of oil-specific tubing (OCTG) products Threading experience.

  • Pup Joints

    Pup Joints

    Our company specializes in API Spec-5CT petroleum pipes. Sales of various specifications of tubing shorting, thickening tubing shorting, casing shorting. Double male short circuit, high voltage short circuit. Tubing variable buckle joint, tubing reducer joint, tubing adaptor, oil / casing thread protector (shield cap). And according to the drawings, we can process all kinds of special shorting, couplings, pipe fittings, etc. Product grade: J55, K55, N80, L80, P110.

    Specifications for short sections of petroleum tubing: 1.66 ”—- 4-1 / 2″ (33.4–114.3) mm.

    Specifications for short sections of petroleum casing: 4-1 / 2 “— 20″. (114.3 — 508) mm

  • API 5L seamless & welded line pipe

    API 5L seamless & welded line pipe

    Product Application A line pipe is a steel pipe used for transporting oil, gas, or water over long distances. It is made from high-strength steel that can withstand the high pressures and temperatures involved in transportation. Line pipes must meet strict standards set by organizations like the American Petroleum Institute (API). API 5L is a common standard for this. They are produced in various sizes, from small-diameter pipes used for residential plumbing to large-diameter pipes used ...
  • API Spec 5CT Seamless Tubing pipes

    API Spec 5CT Seamless Tubing pipes

    OUTER DIAMETER: 42.16 MM -114.3MM(1.66″-41/2″)
    WALL THICKNESS: 3.56-16 MM (2.3 PPF-26.1 PPF)
    5.LENGTH: R1R2,R3