API 16C Choke & Kill manifolds


API 16C Choke & Kill manifolds

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Choke manifold is the necessary equipment to control kick and implement pressure control technology of oil and gas wells. When the blowout preventer is closed, a certain casing pressure is controlled by opening and closing the throttle valve to maintain the bottom hole pressure slightly higher than the formation pressure, so as to prevent the formation fluid from flowing into the well further. In addition, choke manifold can be used to relieve pressure to realize soft shut in. When the pressure in the well rises to a certain limit, it is used to blowout to protect the wellhead. When the well pressure increases, the fluid in the well can be released to control the casing pressure by opening and closing the throttle valve (manual adjustable, hydraulic and fixed). When the casing pressure is very high, it can directly blow off through the gate valve.

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Basic parameters
Diameter: 1 13 / 16 "~ 7-1 / 16"
Working pressure: 5000PSI ~ 15000psi
Temperature level: - 46 ℃ ~ 121 ℃ (Lu level)
Performance level: PR1
Specification level: PSL3, PSL3G
Manufacturing standard: API 16C

Choke Manifold (2)
Choke Manifold (3)

Control panel

Control panel is the control device for hydraulic choke manifold. It can remote control the opening and closing of the hydraulic choke valve and show the pressure of standpipe and casing pressure, and the switching position of hydraulic choke valve. It can also show the strokes and frequency of the three mud pumps if equipped with pump stroke counter, which is an necessary equipment to control well kick, blowout and pressure balance.
Model description:


Technical parameters

(1)Air pressure:0.6MPa
(2)Environment temperature:-20℃~+60℃
(3)Working pressure:3MPa
(4)Gas circuit quick coupling size:M16×1.5
(5)Oil passage quick coupling size:M22×1.5
(6)Hydraulic oil specification:cold resistance hydraulic oil

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