Drilling Tools

Drilling Tools

  • API 7-1 4145Hmod and Non-mag Integral Blade Stabilizer

    API 7-1 4145Hmod and Non-mag Integral Blade Stabilizer

    Integral Blade Stabilizers are manufactured from 4145H alloy steel bar or forgings, quenched and tempered to 285-341 Brinell hardness;
    Stabilizers are fairly short subs which have blades attached to their external surface. By providing support for the BHA (Bottom Hole Assembly) at certain points they can be used to control the trajectory of the well. The blades can be either straight or spiral in shape. Spiral blades can give 360° contact with the borehole.

  • API 7-1 4145&Non-mag Drill Collar

    API 7-1 4145&Non-mag Drill Collar

    Drill Collar is manufactured from AISI 4145H modified quenched and tempered steel and is heat treated along its entire length for uniform toughness and durability. Strict metallurgical tests are performed per specifications to ensure that the heat treatment produces consistent and maximum hardness through the depth of the bar.

    Landrill supplying drill collars in standard and spiralled from 3-1/8” OD up to 14” OD in accordance with API, NS-1 or DS-1 specifications.

  • API 7-1 drilling Roller Reamer with Type B & Type F & Type T roller

    API 7-1 drilling Roller Reamer with Type B & Type F & Type T roller

    Product Application The Roller Reamer is designed for various reaming operation but particularly for stabilization purposes when drilling in very abrasive formations. It will fit hole sizes ranging from 4 5/8 to 26inch.In addition, each body by simple adjustment of blocks and proper selection of cutters, will suit a wide range of hole sizes. Product type Three different types (T,F and B) of cutters are offered: Type T: Milled, machined with hard faced sharp ...
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling Mud Motor

    Horizontal Directional Drilling Mud Motor

    Downhole motor is a positive displacement downhole power drilling tool, which is powered by drilling fluid and coverting fluid pressure into mechanical energy. Mud stream from the outlet of mud pump flows through a by-pass valve into the motor. This stream produces pressure loss between inlet and outlet of the motor to push the motor rotating around the stator’s axis, then transmits rotation speed and torque to the bit by universal shaft and drive shaft to implement the well operation.
    LANDRILL can supply many types mud motor to meet clients’ different drilling condition.

  • Double-Acting Hydraulic Mechanical Drilling Jar

    Double-Acting Hydraulic Mechanical Drilling Jar

    Drilling jar is a downhole tool that delivers an axial impact load to the stuck point of a drill string. Jars are often the first line of defense against stuck pipe and can save operators from costly fishing and remedial operations by quickly “jarring” the string free.

    Landrill can supply Hydraulic Drilling Jar & Double Acting Hydraulic-Mechanical Drilling Jar & Super Fishing Jar

  • Hydraulic single &double acting Jar Intensifier

    Hydraulic single &double acting Jar Intensifier

    Product Application This Jar Intensifier is designed on the principle of compressible fluid. It is used in conjunction with Fishing Jar and Super Fishing Jar respectively. It is installed above the fishing jar and the drill collar in operation. Its function is to impart acceleration to the up jarring rod so that the optimum upward jarring effect is obtained. Product type DOUBLE ACTING DRILLING ACCELERATOR The double acting drilling intensifier is a down hole drilling ...
  • Hydraulic double acting Type Shock sub

    Hydraulic double acting Type Shock sub

    The Shock absorber is used for reducing vibrations caused by hard formation drilling and keeping the drill bit firmly on the bottom, so that it helps to reduce drill string connection fatigue and prolong drill string life.

  • Non-Magnetic Drill Collars & subs

    Non-Magnetic Drill Collars & subs

    Non-magnetic Drill collars are made from Non-magnetic steel bars with low-strength by combining a proprietary chemical analysis and a rotary hammer forging process with low magnetic permeability excellent machine ability, it will not interfere with the specialized directional equipment and will enhance the performance of the drilling operation.

    Non-mag drill collars function as housing for the MWD tools, while at the same time provide the weight for drillstring. non-mag drill collars are suitable for all types of drilling including straight and directional applications.

    Each drill collar is fully inspected by internal inspection dept. All data obtained are recorded on the inspection certificate furnished with each drill collar. API monogram, serial number, OD, ID, type and size of connections are stamped on recessed mill flats.

  • API 7-1 Drilling String Valves

    API 7-1 Drilling String Valves

    Drill string valves stop fluid from flowing up the drill string often if the drill kicks with the bit off bottom.LANDRILL can supply premium quality Full opening safety valve(FOSV), Kelly valve, Inside blowout preventer(IBOP), Drop-in check valve, Float valve.