API 7-1 Rotating Type Drill String Fishing Magnet


API 7-1 Rotating Type Drill String Fishing Magnet

Short Description:

Drill String Fishing Magnet is one of the auxiliary tools to ensure the normal drilling operation and bottom hole cleaning in the process of downhole accident treatment. This product is that it works together with the grinding shoes in the fishing operation, which is different from the previous method of lifting the drill after milling, and then connecting the drill string with the strong magnetic fishing tool to go down the well for cleaning bottom hole , saving a trip down the well operation, which not only saves the drilling cost, but also saves the fishing operation time.

Product Detail

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Construction Laying

YTQC Type Drill String Fishing Magnet is composed of body,magnetic core, stop block, screw, etc

working principle

In the milling and fishing operation, through circulating drilling fluid, the bottom hole debris will be adsorbed to the magnetic core of the drill string fishing magnet under the circulation action, and these debris will return to the ground together with the drill string fishing magnet, so as to achieve the function of milling operation and cleaning the bottom hole at any time. 

Technical Parameters


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