What are the main systems of oil drilling RIGS?


What are the main systems of oil drilling RIGS?

1.Lifting system: In order to lift and lower the drilling tools, run casing, control the drilling weight, and feed the drilling tools, the drilling tools are equipped with a lifting system. The lifting system includes winches, auxiliary brakes, cranes, traveling blocks, hooks, wire ropes, and various tools such as lifting rings, elevators, lifting clamps, and slips. When lifting, the winch drum wraps the wire rope, the crown block and the traveling block form the auxiliary pulley block, and the hook rises to lift the drilling tool through lifting rings, elevators and other tools. When lowering, the drilling tool or casing string is lowered by its own weight, and the hook’s lowering speed is controlled by the braking mechanism and auxiliary brake of the drawworks.


2.Rotary system The rotary system is a typical system of a rotary drilling rig. Its function is to drive the drilling tools to rotate to break the rock formation. The rotating system includes a turntable, a faucet, and a drilling tool. Depending on the well being drilled, the composition of the drilling tools also varies, generally including kelly, drill pipe, drill collars and drill bits, in addition to centralizers, shock absorbers and matching joints.

3.Circulation system: In order to carry the broken cuttings of the bottom drill bit to the surface in time for continued drilling, and to cool the drill bit to protect the well wall and prevent drilling accidents such as well collapse and lost circulation, the rotary drilling rig is equipped with a circulation system.

4. Power equipment: The lifting system, circulation system and rotating system are the three major working units of the drilling rig. They are used to provide power. They work in coordination to complete the drilling operation. In order to provide power to these working units, the drilling rig needs to be equipped with power equipment. The power equipment of the drilling rig includes diesel engine, AC motor and DC motor.

Post time: Jan-29-2024