API 6A low torque Plug Valves


API 6A low torque Plug Valves

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Plug valve is a necessary part in cementing and fracturing operation in oil and mining fields as well as similar high pressure liquid control. It features compact structure, easy maintenance, low torque, quick opening and easy operation that it is the most ideal valve among cementing and fracturing manifolds right now. (Remarks: valve can also be opened or closed easily under 10000psi.)

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◆ The inlet and outlet of the plug valve are connected by 1502 non form (can also be customized according to customer needs).
◆ The maintenance and maintenance of the valve body does not need to be removed from the pipeline, and no special tools are required when disassembling;
◆ After finishing, the stopcock adopts the coating process to make the sealing and corrosion resistance good;
◆ Visual valve body position: the visual rotary limiter on the plug cap clearly indicates that the valve is completely open or closed, and the brake spring restricts the valve to the desired position;
◆ The worm gear of the 3" plug valve is specially suitable for low temperature environment, free opening and flexible operation.


1.Working Pressures : 5000-15000psi
2.Material Level : AA- FF
3.Production Spec Level :PSL1-4
4.API Temperature Rating :-29~121℃

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