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Integral Blade Stabilizer

The integral blade stabilizer is a one piece rotating stabilizer which can be placed near bit or up in the drill string. it is a one piece construction manufactured from high strength alloy steel (non-magne steeloptional) It prevents differental sticking of the drillstring by stabilizing the BHA and keeping drill collars and drill pipes away from the borehole wall. This reduces vibration, drill pipe whirl, and wellbore tortuosity, futhermore, the stabilizer maintains drilling trajectory whether drilling straight, horizontal or directional wells.


Size: Up to 36'' working OD                                               

Material: AISI 4145H Mod, 4330V or under customer needs

Standard: API Spec/ NS-1/ DS-1

Hardfacing type: HF1000/ HF2000/ HF3000/ HF4000/ HF5000/ HF6000

The body (or mandrel) is made of modified alloy steel, and fully heat treated for prospective hardness, strength and impact strength. Through ultrasonic testing and magnetic testing, it is proved up to flowing grade.

Material          40CrMnMo(4145H)

Hardness         HB290-340

Strength          b b≥965 Mpa (D2<160mm)      b b≥931 Mpa (D2>160mm)

Impact strength    AK≥54J

The connections can be API / NS/ DS standard,which have stress relief grooves and are cold rolled. The flank of thread is phosphatized or plated copper, coated with thread dope and equipped with thread protectors.

It is mainly the spiral blades (usually three blades, also can be four blades under the customers'require) , which rub against the borehole wall. The working surface of the blades is hard faced. It is preferred operation that tungsten carbide inserts are cold inserted into the working surface of blades including its bevels. Braze welding tungsten carbide grains are also adopted according to customers'require.

ODFishing Neck ODConnectionHole sizeFishing Nect   LengthBlade LengthBlade WidthTotal Length
5 7/8''4   3/4''NC382   1/4''20''16''2   1/4''60''
12 1/4''8''6   5/8REG2   13/16''30''16''3   1/2''90''
17 1/2''9   1/2''7   5/8REG3''30''18''3   1/2''100''
22''9   1/2''7   5/8REG3''30''20''3   1/2''100''
28''9   1/2''7   5/8REG3''35''24''4   3/4''110''
36''11''7   5/8REG 8 5/8REG3''35''24''4   3/4''110''

 * Other sizes available under customer needs.

Package photo:

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