West drilling winter construction precision speed


It ranks first in China oil service industry

China petroleum net news (reporter ma hongxu) March 22, in xinjiang oilfield ma131 demonstration area no. 3 platform, by the west drilling 50217 drilling team bore the last MaHW1252 platform drilling successfully completed. The four horizontal Wells on the platform have 100% qualified rate of cementing and shaft quality.

In mid-late march, CNPC successfully concluded its offensive operations in winter in the junggar, tarim and qaidam basins. As of March 25, the total drilling penetration in China's western region has increased by 83% year on year, ranking first in China oil service industry. Among them, the platform well was translated, installed and drilled on the same day in the mahu area of xinjiang oilfield, setting a record of 630 meters per day for jimusar shale oil.

Four months of low temperature in western China has increased the difficulty of production organization and affected the construction schedule of exploration and development. Western drilling actively implements the requirements of the group for comprehensive winter construction, carries out integrated winter operation for three consecutive years, and fully promotes the comprehensive acceleration of party a and party b, resource cooperation and sharing, and regional scale development. The utilization rate of drilling rig increases by nearly 30%, and industrial oil-gas Wells such as gaoshen no.1 well, mahu 27 well and gucheng 9 well are harvested.

This year, xinjiang oilfield will double its new capacity in the mahu region. Western establishment and medium oil drilling for oil and oil field company, Beijing academy of "management + cooperative" + "project professional" accelerated the cooperation mechanism, outstanding rate is high, the regional scale to solve complex horizontal well development difficult problems, such as promotion platform well, "shallow well and deep well drilling rig combination", "own + cooperative" team/factory practices, curing deflecting section of the advantage of the nearly bit speed, horizontal section tool methods and radical drilling parameters, accurate speed up each one meter footage, each a metre interval. In the winter battle, 82 drilling RIGS were used to complete the penetration of 260,000 meters, three times as much as the previous year, and the overall operating efficiency was increased by 27%.


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