"Revival" of thousands of changshut-in Wells in changqing oilfield


China petroleum net news (reporter Cheng Zhengcai correspondent south force) on March 26, the reporter from thousands of Wells to evaluate potential in changqing oilfield engineering project, changqing oil field is located in the town of the original in gansu province two years of a production well, through the reappraisal "coming back to life", stopes of nissan 8.55 tons of production flow, surrounding the well "hildesheim also received a petroliferous area of 3.5 square kilometers of shallow efficient building blocks. So far, in the past 16 months since the project team was established, 45 shallow and efficient favorable zones for construction and production have been discovered, and considerable geological reserves have been predicted, with a capacity of 550,000 tons.

In October 2017, changqing oilfield launched a three-year comprehensive review of shut-down Wells and old Wells. More than 3,000 Wells will be reviewed annually, 1,000 Wells will be produced annually, and 300,000 tons of shallow and efficient production areas will be provided.

In order to ensure the effective treatment of long shut-down, changqing oilfield adheres to the organization mode of "three integrations", namely the integration of geological engineering, and improves the pertinence of well selection measures and program optimization. The project team integrates with the oil production plant to realize the seamless connection of scheme, design, optimization and on-site construction; The integration of indoor research and field test shortens the period of technology research and development and field application, and gives priority to selecting a batch of "short, flat and fast" measure Wells to realize efficient operation of the project.

In view of the problem that long shut-down accounts for a large proportion and water shut-off technology is in urgent need of breakthrough, changqing oilfield, with the research institutions such as the exploration and development research institute as the technical support, carries out the "looking back" activity of shut-off fracturing and horizontal well treatment effect in 2018. According to the latest review results, a total of more than 20,000 long-term shut-down Wells and old Wells have been reviewed, among which 4,800 long-term shut-down Wells have been reviewed, 1,070 Wells have resumed production, and the cumulative oil production has exceeded 200,000 tons. At the same time, centering on long shut-down Wells and old Wells, more benefit space will be put on providing high-quality reserves of buildable production target area from point to surface. Since the beginning of this year, changqing oilfield has found and selected 21 favorable areas with a capacity of 240,000 tons.


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